What families are saying about BreadVault

Ross, Very excited to see this up! This is so HUGE! Awesome! I sincerely can’t wait to sign up my family! Bryce Niemiller, CEO/Founder of Elevate Rock School I sent it to my daughter in Boston, whose kids are 8, 8, and 6. Her response: "This looks awesome!! Exactly what we need." Ellen Chaffee, BreadVault user, North Dakota Great idea and long overdue! I can’t wait to use it for myself as well as my family! Jeff Hamre, Independent Insurance Agent Way to go Ross!!! Awesome job in creating this site---and I’d agree…I think a version for adults will be knocking at your door soon after the release of the kid version! Beth Jacobson, Communications Coordinator, PHCC I believe what you do and what I do is quite similar: Striving for excellence means being mindful of the smallest details within every piece that makes up the larger puzzle. That’s why I believe BreadVault may well change the way people, from children to adults, view every aspect of money. Christopher Gabriel, Host of the Chris Gabriel Radio Program, WDAY