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Products Overview

BreadVault, the first company to offer a savings tool for the whole family, offers a free website and mobile app (available on iTunes). Your family is important to us, and so are your achievements. Including becoming financially successful and passing down good financial habits to the next generation.

Our website and app will help your family (kids and parents alike) start saving money in three main ways:

  • Save save money to purchase favorite items
  • Invest save money to buy a share of favorite companies or brands
  • Give save money to make a difference by donating to charities

The money-saving habits formed using BreadVault will be especially valuable to your children, but you as parents will benefit as well. Our easy to use website and app will keep your family engaged with their dollars at all times. Join for free and start saving money today while teaching your family the very important skill of financial responsibility.



Achieve Goals

It is important to create goals in life, and saving money should always be one of them. Goals are more likely to be achieved when they are visible and accessible. BreadVault will help you achieve goals to save, make an investment, and donate to a favorite charity. You can always prioritize your goals by rearranging their order in BreadVault.

Scan Barcodes with the Mobile App

“I love it when my kid cops an attitude and makes a scene over needing a new toy while at the store.” Said no parent ever. We get it. It’s hard to say “no” to their sweet, angelic faces. This special feature on the mobile app lets you and your kids set goals while out-and-about when they really “need” that new video game. Simply scan a product’s barcode, set a goal and go look at it in BreadVault a few days later. That “need” might turn into “want” or even a “no, that’s lame now.” We weren’t kidding when we said we designed BreadVault with families in mind!

Kid-friendly Shopping

Shopping for your favorite products should be safe and easy. Your kids will be able to use BreadVault’s website and app to browse product categories and set new goals without having to leave to go to another website. Want to select products from your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Target and Apple? Use our goal adding bookmarklet to easily set a new goal and return to shopping without skipping a beat.

Track Money Easily

By using the website or app, your family will easily see how much money they have saved for a goal and how much money is still needed to achieve their goals. You can also use the automatic transfer feature to easily set up recurring deposits into each family member’s Save, Invest or Give channels. Receive gift money for a birthday or holiday? You can easily put all that money towards a specific goal in one particular channel.

Learn to Make Investments

Your family will learn how to grow their money by making specific purchases, which in 50 or so years will give them far more in return than the amount they originally paid. The stock market is a perfect way to teach your family about delayed gratification, risk management and fund diversification. Click here to learn more.

All that stock market talk might make you want a glass of milk to wash it down with. We’re all about teaching families simple lessons, and that applies to investments, which is why we provide our users with Motif Investing. A motif is a group of companies that are similar to each other. For instance, a motif called Caffeine Fix includes leading soft drink and coffee companies. There’s something for everyone.

Include the Whole Family

We strongly encourage parents to add their own profile information to BreadVault. As a parent, setting goals to make purchases (think golf clubs or a shopping trip), will teach your children that saving money is a lifelong journey and doesn’t end when they are grown up and have the secret password to the money tree.