We believe in the ability of one person to help make a difference in the world, especially you and your family. With BreadVault, your family can learn the importance of philanthropy by making donations to local and national charities. Each family member can set goals to donate to charities they are most passionate about. Learn more about the local and national charities impacting your community and begin changing the world around you today. Here’s how:

  • BreadVault CAREousel provides videos and education about local and national organizations. (Currently available on the app for iPad/iPhone. Online CAREousel coming soon!)
  • Bookmarklet that lets you visit charity websites and set goals
  • Barcode scanner for iPad and iPhone

Do you have a favorite charity not currently on our BreadVault CAREousel? Please share it with us and we will contact that organization. BreadVault’s CAREousel Charity Partnership is continuously welcoming new charities into the program. For inquiries, please contact info@breadvault.com.