BreadVault teaches families how to save money using a mobile app and online money management tool. With an emphasis on kids, the free website and free iPhone/iPad app provide tools for your family members to save money to spend wisely, own a share of their favorite company or brand and donate to their favorite local or national charity.

A national product founded in 2011, BreadVault is a locally owned company headquartered in West Fargo, North Dakota. Ross Almlie, CEO and Co-Founder, established BreadVault on the concept of delayed gratification, the idea of investing time and waiting for the rewards and benefits. BreadVault uses three main channels to teach families how to save money and make purchases with available funds: save, invest and give.

With BreadVault, your family’s savings never leave your bank or brokerage account. The virtual funds in BreadVault are designed to provide a strong visual of saving goals for you and your family to realize the possibilities of living a financially responsible life.

Our Mission


Learn. Set goals. Grow. At BreadVault, our mission is to equip today’s family to make great financial decisions by teaching children, teenagers and parents alike how to save money and learn financial responsibility while using a modern technology platform.


To help secure a life of financial independence for the next generation.


Spring 2011 BreadVault’s future co-founder and CEO was visiting with his father-in-law about how kids need to learn how to save money and make smart purchases. They discussed how kids are more interested in playing with electronics than counting money. A concept for an online tool teaching kids about money quickly emerged. The father-in-law, who is a software architect, designed and constructed a prototype. BreadVault’s future CEO began fundraising.

Summer 2011 Interest in the product quickly grew and new ideas for the product were produced daily. Two additional software developers were hired. The company established its name, BreadVault. Product development launched in West Fargo, North Dakota (still the current BreadVault headquarters).

Fall 2011 BreadVault hired a business development manager. Product development continued.

Spring 2012 BreadVault website development continued, and the inspiration for new ideas led to the development of a mobile application. BreadVault hired its fourth software developer.

Summer 2012 BreadVault hired a marketing and community relations director. The BreadVault mobile app, developed for iPhone and iPod, became available on iTunes. BreadVault partnered with the first CAREousel charity. The website launched for beta testing.

Fall 2012 The BreadVault mobile app for iPad became available on iTunes. BreadVault hired a software developer and administrative assistant. The website and mobile app officially launched into the national market.

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Our Team

Ross Almlie – Financial Advisor, Internet Entrepreneur, Recovering “Irresponsible Consumer”

Ross Almlie is the co-founder and CEO of BreadVault.com – a website and app-based tool that helps children learn how to manage their money. It provides a fun way to learn how to budget, save, invest, and set aside money for themselves, the things they want/ need now, will need in the future, and for those less fortunate.

A financial advisor with 19 years of experience, Ross specializes in financial planning and investment management as an investment advisor at TCI Financial Advisors in West Fargo, ND. He’s a self-described “recovering irresponsible consumer” and a sought-after financial expert, speaking on saving and investing to numerous business, education and investment groups.

Ross appears and is quoted frequently in the media, including the Associated Press and the Boston Globe. He has appeared on the nationally-syndicated America Tonight with Kate Delany radio show, numerous local TV and radio programs and is a published author and contributor in The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, InvestmentNews magazine, and RIABIZ.com. His own personal experiences as well as the financial state of our nation led Ross to create BreadVault.com. He wants to provide our children with the knowledge and tools to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of their parents and grandparents.

Almlie is a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a degree in Banking and Financial Economics. He lives in Moorhead, MN with his wife and two children. In his free time, he enjoys watching Twins baseball, playing softball, creative writing, and family outings. He also wrote a script for a local Rockumentary production titled “In Pieces” to raise awareness for the effort of reducing domestic violence and abuse. Ross serves on the Advisory Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fargo-Moorhead after serving as a Big Brother for three years.

Team Members

  • Ross Almie

    Ross Almlie

    • Childhood Dream: To play Major League Baseball
    • Hero: Kirby Puckett
    • Nickname: Rosco P. Coltraine
  • Ryan

    Ryan Meyer

    • Childhood Dream: To be an astronaut or an inventor
    • Hero: My dad
    • Nickname: Ry
  • Adam

    Adam Monsen

    • Childhood Dream: To be on Saturday Night Live
    • Hero: Ghandi
    • Nickname: Apple ][
  • Eva

    Eva Monsen

    • Childhood Dream: To be a mad scientist
    • Hero: My dad
    • Nickname: Peeva
  • Keith

    Keith Pierce

    • Childhood Dream: To be a scientist or mathematician
    • Hero: My mom
    • Nickname: Keith (boring)
  • Shane

    Shane Neuerburg

    • Childhood Dream: To be like Bill Gates
    • Hero: My dad
    • Nickname: Shaner
  • Whitney

    Whitney Derks

    • Childhood Dream: To be a famous actress
    • Hero: My grandpa
    • Nickname: Whit
  • Stephanie

    Stephanie Blair

    • Childhood Dream: To be a veterinarian
    • Hero: My dad
    • Nickname: Stephie-Poo
  • Bill

    Bill V. Baker

    • Childhood Dream: To bake the best culinary delights and relay to others the importance of Saving, Spending, and Giving
    • Hero: Emeril Lagasse
    • Nickname: Billy V